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Author Involvement in Post Doctoral Dental Studies Institute LLC.

Thank you for inquiring about involvement in the Post Doctoral Dental Studies Institute!

This is an exciting opportunity for you to provide information to your professional colleagues interested in learning more in dentistry. Here, you can teach your new concepts and clarify existing ideas. This classical, timeless, expository form of teaching is literally without classroom bounds. You can cross the globe as fast as the flow of electrons. You can update the content almost as fast as you can think.

We provide a unique environment for you to do this. The PDDSI website is formatted in a university environment but has no walls.

Features Include:

  • AGD approved
  • Low cost
  • Posting of your course in a standard format
  • 24/7 availability
  • Communication with your students
  • Control of your time through scheduling
  • Inter-student communication through a free electronic discussion board

Advantages Include:

  • Collegiality without conflict
  • Reference the core curriculum of the site to provide background information or to supplement your course
  • Directly access interested students
  • Promotion of your ideas as part of PDDSI marketing
  • Get reimbursement for your course commensurate with popularity from the student body Helps You:

  • Assists you in preparation for posting your course
  • Maintains the website including the discussion board
  • Markets courses as part of the Post Doctoral Dental Studies Institute program
  • Provides automated grading of course pretest and completion examinations
  • Provides student reminders of academic and financial status of their accounts
  • Sends AGD or other academic credit statement to student on completion of their course
  • Maintains your email listing for student contact
  • Archives your posted course after it is completed

Get Involved:

  1. Post your publication
  2. Join our staff
  3. Teach through presentation of a course in a format similar to those on this site

For each of these options there is an intended purpose

  • Teach online for presentation of whole concepts with additional support from our core material
  • Post your publication for simple and prompt dissemination of your ideas for others to view
  • Join our staff in several roles including:
    • Section editor
    • Discussion Board monitor
    • Developer of content on a specific specialty forming part of the core curriculum

You can even supplement your personal live presentations using this site. Your core material can be available online as a prerequisite to hands-on or clinical programs.

For further information and a copy of our Author Guide Lines please contact Dr. John Knapp

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