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How do I register or enroll?

Click on the yellow Sign-in button at the upper right corner. It's free!

I can't seem to get a specific page to work as expected. Where are the instructions?

Click on a major heading to see a summary of the picks available below it.   For example, when one picks the Course Catalog page, the purpose of the picks below it are explained.

In addition, all pages have instructions or explanations in the top left-hand corner.   For example, under Course Catalog there is a page called Course List.   This page has a quick explanation at the top left under the heading.

If you are having trouble, please look at the page instructions first, then look here to see if there is additional information. If that still doesn't resolve the problem, email the site administrator, listed below.

Course Prerequisites

How do I know if I'm qualified for a course?

While viewing a list of courses in Course List, you may click on the question mark under the Qualify column of the table. The system will then check the recommended courses and, if appropriate, will show you the courses we suggest you take first. While you are not required to take any prerequisites, your success may be limited if you have not taken the recommended courses or do not have equivalent experience.

Credit Hour Purchase

How may I purchase hours without a credit card?

For your convenience, we process all orders using PayPal. Pay Pal is free to buyers and Pay Pal will transact online from 103 countries and regions in 16 different currencies. To help safeguard your privacy, we do not retain your credit card or bank account number. Although we recommend the use of credit card payment, other forms of payment are acceptable. These transactions may be delayed a week or more for currency exchange to be process. You may establish an account and purchase credit hours via through the CREDIT HOURS link in our site. You can transfer funds from your checking or savings account to your PayPal account using Electronic Funds Transfer. For further information regarding PayPal, go directly to their web site. Inquire about transfer of credit to make PayPal payments.


How do I use the Forum?

As a new user, you must register separately from your PostDDS identification. Please keep a record of your Forum identification. As this password is not recoverable it is advised that you use the same name and password as used to register on the site. To do this go to the Forum page. Click on the word "Register" on the left side of the page and follow the instructions provided. After registration you may enter the Forum by clicking on the words "Log In" and by following the instructions provided. You may click on the subject you would like to discuss and begin to participate in the dialog. Inappropriate use of the Forum may result in loss of your priviledges. Remember, it's free for registered site users!

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